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Between International is now Biolustré European Distributor

Biolustré is a revolutionary new hair repair system. In clinical studies Biolustre actually left the hair as much as 200% stronger after multiple chemical services.

Biolustré Revive Instant Repair uses a patent pending polymer bonding process called Lustreloc Technology. It is this technology that allows the product to actually penetrate the hair shaft and bond to the inner cortex of the hair. By bonding to the inner layers of teh hair it creates increased tensile strength without the fear of washing out. It is this strength that gives the feel and shine of virgin hair.

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Independent Scientific Studies Confirm Biolustré’s Hair Repair Capabilities 
Dallas, TX, – Biolustré utilizes a proprietary and patent pending cross-linking polymer bonding process is used to bond, fill and repair damaged hair follicles by creating synthetic carboxyl groups. A multi-million dollar shampoo company conducted an independent study and confirmed BioLustré’s claims.

Their lab report concludes…“Results show a significant improvement in the condition of the hair overall and, more specifically, the treated hair felt smoother, had better strength and appeared to have more shine.” Other research conducted independently found that: “Once your damage repair formula is applied, it increases the strength of damaged hair by 200-300 %. And then, it increases the elasticity so that the hair can be stretched longer and it won’t break”.

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Between International is a Netherlands-based Consulting firm. Research for companies provides investment advice for private clients It offers VIP services to its special members.

Some of the VIP services we provide; Welcoming our customers with a private vehicle at the airport, Opportunity to meet with the supplier in the private office we allocate

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